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Lightning impulse voltage generator testing device [has expired]

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Lightning impulse voltage generator testing device [has expired]


effective date:2016-06-24

Region:China 中国»hu bei province湖北

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★ Digital impulse voltage (current)waveform recording system for measuring and analyzing
★ GIS oscillation operation wave and steep wave experimental instrument
★ Reform of the impulse voltage (current) generator instrument

There are whole sets of experimental instruments for impulse voltage (current) generators whose capacity vary from 100kv to 4800kv. We can also supply several whole sets of waveform impulse voltage (current) generator. They mainly consist of generator self, sheet cutting, voltage divider, four –modules console, and digital recording system of waveforms.

Sphere of application: impulse voltage experiments of standardized lightening, lightening abrupt waves, operation and users’ required non-standardized ones for transformers, reactors, instrument transformers and other HV electric appliances, HV thyristor gates SVC(HVDC)、cables of power, HV insulators, and linings

Sphere of application: power equipments suppliers, railway communications, science and research institutes of military industry, colleges and universities, and lighting-proof experiments of meteorology departments